5 Pro Photoshop Tips – Simple ways to increase your productivity

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5 Pro Photoshop Tips

5 Pro Photoshop Tips – Simple ways to increase your productivity

Be sure to add these 5 Pro Photoshop Tips to your daily practices.

Tip #1 Solo A Layer

To quickly view a layer by it self press Alt while clicking the layer’s eye icon you wish to solo. Hold Alt and click the layer again to go back to your previous view. NOTE: be careful not to click a different layer because you won’t be able to go back to your old view if you do.

Tip #2 Bird’s Eye View

When working on smaller areas it’s important to remember to check the full frame of your image. I love this quick tip to help you do that. If you’ve zoomed right into the picture to work on some small details, for example cloning a small area. You can hold down H and use your mouse to zoom out and get a full view of your image, letting go of H snaps right back onto the zoomed in area you were working on before.

Tip #3 Changing hardness of the brush

Everyone knows you can change the brush size in Photoshop using the [ andkeys. What many don’t know is you can also change the hardness, if you hold down shift  while using [ and ]. This is a great way to speed up your productivity and add more finesse to your brush strokes.

Tip #4 Copy Layer Styles Quickly

Most Photoshop Users know you can quickly copy layers by holding Alt/Opt and dragging a copy of the artwork across the canvas. You can use this same trick for layer styles: simply hold down the Alt/Opt key and drag the FX icon in the layers panel from the layer with the styles to the target layer – the styles will be copied right over!

Tip #5 Quickly Finish Editing Text

These short cuts are great but can be frustrating while trying to work inside text boxes.  You don’t want to end up with a bunch of extra H characters in your text because you’re trying out the new Bird’s Eye short cut.  A quick way to exit out of your work inside the text area is to hit cmd + Return. If you are ever trying and failing to use a short cut, remember to make sure you’re not editing a text area.  Trust me this happens to the best of us. 🙂


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Hank Jones

September 26, 2016at 8:26 pm

Wow so cool.

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