Adobe DNG Leads the Way for High-Quality Photos

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Adobe DNG Leads the Way for High-Quality Photos

Adobe DNG Leads the Way for High-Quality Photos

Wow really cool news from Adobe.

Today marks an important day for photographers and photo enthusiasts. With the release of Apple’s iOS 10, the Lightroom for mobile app has been updated to support the capture of Adobe raw DNG on iOS devices. Now anyone who wants to have the highest quality photographs and the greatest level of editing flexibility can use their iPhone or iPad to capture photos in the Adobe raw DNG file format.

Many of you know Thomas Knoll as the man behind Photoshop, but he’s also the architect responsible for the creation of the Adobe DNG file format. Now that Adobe DNG is integrated into iOS and Android and is the default raw format for high-quality mobile photography, we’ve asked Thomas to discuss the history and benefits of DNG in his own words.

With that, I’ll hand it off to Thomas.

Twelve years ago, I created the Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) file format while I was working on the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in for Photoshop. I was spending a lot of time making sure that ACR could accept a variety of raw photo formats—I had to code for each camera’s specifications because they all used their own proprietary raw file format. And every time one manufacturer updated its file format, I had to do more coding. While this was a problem I faced every day, I also knew it was a problem that customers were facing on a regular basis with their own photography workflows.

I felt like there was a better way.

The big breakthrough came when I realized the metadata wasn’t all that different from camera to camera. This realization allowed me to create a file format that could read the metadata without needing specific knowledge about the camera. With that, the Adobe DNG raw photo format was born.”


Excerpt from for more information visit their Blog.

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Kanbim Orellia

September 17, 2016at 5:02 pm

Oh wow this is great news. THanks for sharing.

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