Cutting Edge – Graphic Design Training

Graphic Design Training.

Connect Creativ offers comprehensive Graphic Design Training for individuals and corporations.

  • Fun and flexible. Our instructors work hard to create a fun environment so you can maximize your learning potential, on a timeline that’s flexible to your schedule.
  • Connecting you to a web design professional in your area
  • We will fine tune our design course to fit your skill level
  • We come right to your office or home and train you on your computer
  • Teaching you the latest Adobe Dreamweaver techniques

Connect Creativ offers Graphic Design Training in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and most of Canada. We have hand selected teachers who are the best and brightest in Canada. Our staff are at the forefront of technology for graphic design, digital imaging and desktop publishing. We work with you to design a program of study fine tuned to your current skill level. We can design a lesson plan for you or work on an existing project you have already started.

Our Graphic Design Courses:

graphic design training Toronto Ottawa Montreal Vancouver Calgary Halifax Canada

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